About erina

Hello, I'm Erina! currently living in indonesia :3
14 years old now X3 I was born in November 2nd, 1997!
stay at home, sleeping, play something or sit in front of my laptop for hours~~
ohh lazy me
O-of course i go to school too! And eat, take a shower, and other things normal
people do~
i like simple, modern and cute things X3 and i love Japan! > <
most of the things from there or the things that famous there, are so cute.. cool?
whatever it is, it's adorable for me XO I love the foods, animu mangu~~ <:D, the people,
the stories(?) singer? Jpop!!
and so on.. XD and the language too!
i love sleeping, watching, reading, playing *the games i play are rpg, mostly ^^a*,
oh! I also love drawing :D ♪



About chiyo

Chiyo here! I like to do random stuffs. I spend most of my time by sleeping, playing,
relaxing and playing XD.
People usually call me Chiyo. I’m currently living in Indonesia.
I hate spicy foods, but i think i hate cockroach more :3. I use glasses, but I don’t wear
glasses that often, I only use it when i’m at school and when i want to (?) XD. I love Japan!!♥
I love things from Japan like Anime, Comic, Some Japanese Food and of course i love Jpop!.
And I love Green as much as i love Japan XD.

I like to watch horror movies but it freaks me out when im alone XD.
I like school because i can meet my friends at school.
But i dont like homeworks, tests, projects and stuffs like that.
And I don’t have any favorite teacher.
The last thing i wanna say is.. I love using emoticons


Posted on Monday, July 21, 2014 | at 6:54 AM

I'm back! after.. A year or so. (laughs)
Anyways! I rarely update this blog because I got to use my laptop to do it.
And I'm tooo lazy to do that. fuhohoho~

So right now I'm in 12th grade
Hayaaaai! Dang it (lol)
I feel like I'm racing with time.
What should I dooo.. doushiyou~ (lol)
everyone, if you are still in elementary school or maybe junior high school,
be happy about it!
Don't grow up too fast!
Because now that I'm in high school I feel like
I can't joke around when it's about school
I have to be serious about it
though sometimes I'm lazy (lol)
Growing up might be great but there is a big responsibility that comes with it
So, yeah!

I feel like a teacher or parents or something
saying things like this
sumimasen~ (laughs)

Well then,
I will end this post
I will post again next time

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