About erina

Hello, I'm Erina! currently living in indonesia :3
14 years old now X3 I was born in November 2nd, 1997!
stay at home, sleeping, play something or sit in front of my laptop for hours~~
ohh lazy me
O-of course i go to school too! And eat, take a shower, and other things normal
people do~
i like simple, modern and cute things X3 and i love Japan! > <
most of the things from there or the things that famous there, are so cute.. cool?
whatever it is, it's adorable for me XO I love the foods, animu mangu~~ <:D, the people,
the stories(?) singer? Jpop!!
and so on.. XD and the language too!
i love sleeping, watching, reading, playing *the games i play are rpg, mostly ^^a*,
oh! I also love drawing :D ♪



About chiyo

Chiyo here! I like to do random stuffs. I spend most of my time by sleeping, playing,
relaxing and playing XD.
People usually call me Chiyo. I’m currently living in Indonesia.
I hate spicy foods, but i think i hate cockroach more :3. I use glasses, but I don’t wear
glasses that often, I only use it when i’m at school and when i want to (?) XD. I love Japan!!♥
I love things from Japan like Anime, Comic, Some Japanese Food and of course i love Jpop!.
And I love Green as much as i love Japan XD.

I like to watch horror movies but it freaks me out when im alone XD.
I like school because i can meet my friends at school.
But i dont like homeworks, tests, projects and stuffs like that.
And I don’t have any favorite teacher.
The last thing i wanna say is.. I love using emoticons


Posted on Monday, July 21, 2014 | at 6:54 AM

I'm back! after.. A year or so. (laughs)
Anyways! I rarely update this blog because I got to use my laptop to do it.
And I'm tooo lazy to do that. fuhohoho~

So right now I'm in 12th grade
Hayaaaai! Dang it (lol)
I feel like I'm racing with time.
What should I dooo.. doushiyou~ (lol)
everyone, if you are still in elementary school or maybe junior high school,
be happy about it!
Don't grow up too fast!
Because now that I'm in high school I feel like
I can't joke around when it's about school
I have to be serious about it
though sometimes I'm lazy (lol)
Growing up might be great but there is a big responsibility that comes with it
So, yeah!

I feel like a teacher or parents or something
saying things like this
sumimasen~ (laughs)

Well then,
I will end this post
I will post again next time

( note: By the way, there are two tagboards in this blog. One is mine (chiyo) and one is erina's! :3 )

Posted on Sunday, July 21, 2013 | at 12:22 AM

chiyo desu~
yappari, even though in yesterday's post i said i'll have to sleep because it's late
i'm posting this at niight tooo *laughs*
maa, don't mind lol

So this post is about my trip to Japan last November 2012
It was so much fun!
So me went there with mom, dad and my little brother
so i guess i'll show some photos na~
this is when we're arrived at narita airport tokyo
jya jya~n!

Then after that, we directly went to our hotel
everyone slept
except me lol
toooooo excited dakara
i mean
japan yo!
i'm in japan! (lol)
then when everyone (finally) woke up
we decided to have a look around
it's like 5/6pm already

we went to a mall(?) or something like that
there i bought C-ute's single
Aitai Aitai Aitai na


then we went back after eating

Second day!
We're going to disneyland

Actually this is the second time i went to disneyland
some years ago i went to disneyland too (and disneysea, but this time only disneyland)
so its like
aaaaah i still remember that (lol)
i played quite a lot
Last time i went here was like... idk
i guess more than 4 years ago
and the disneyland is still the same
most of it(?) i guess
but there are some new rides too na!
It's a good place♥
Btw if anyone have ever visited HongKong Disneyland,
I found some(?) rides (or its just a ride?) are just the same as Tokyo Disneyland
then we went back to the hotel.

by the way when i went there
since it's november
it was coooold
but i like it (lol)
Because in my opinion,
hot is better than cold
and cold is better than hot(?)
therefore, its okay(?)
it's okay if you don't understand what i meant
i don't understand too (lol)

on the third and fouth day
we went to Akihabara, Shibuya, Asakusa, etc etc
lol i forgot sorry
some pictures!



actually i reallyyyy want to show so many photos
but its so slow
my internet connection
so.. yeah
in shibuya, when i saw that johnny's thing i was like
very happy!
because it feels like they are real(?) just now
since usually i jst see them through videos
idk lol it just feel like that

And in akihabara, there are so many anime(?) manga(?) thingies
there are maid cafes too
but i didn't visit any
we're just wondering around there~
btw i went to Hello!Shop which is located in ueno(?) if i'm not mistaken
btw Hello!Shop is a shop where you can buy photopack, and many other things
Hello!Project fangirl stuffs(?)
I'm a Hello!Project fangirl dakaraaaaa :D

btw in asakusa, we went to a temple
or something like that
the stores there is like what i see in comics
lol im so happy back then

btw, we went home the next day
we stayed @ Bali for a night first
Then, back to jakarta
yeah, so it's like that(?)
actually i started writing this post at 3am, but i fell asleep XD
okay then
that's all



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